Infosec Associates Resource Site

This site is a working tool - we use it as a product and service directory when sourcing tools and services for our clients and felt that you might find it useful. As we discover other interesting sites, we continually add them to the site so if you are using an offline or cached version please update it regularly.

A little advice before you start - there is a wide range of tools and services available, it is likely that many will not be directly relevant to your needs.  It is easy to spend a great deal of time looking at sites that will not be relevant.

Before you start- take a little time to think about:

We have provided some checklists and tools that we use to help us sort through the various tools, again they are working tools and we have provided them free in case they might assist you in your selection - feel free to edit, alter and develop them as you wish to fit your requirements, but please bear in mind that we don't provide support for them.  We hope that they may save you some time.

Whilst we use many of the sites and tools linked from here, they are the responsibility of other organizations, and as such, you will understand that we cannot warrant or guarantee them.